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Innovative Switched Reluctance Design Tool


SRM is a comprehensive Switched Reluctance design environment. It includes analysis of both the drive circuit and the electric machine itself and is carried out simultaneously and entirely within SRM.

Once the geometry has been easily selected from the library, materials are set and windings are added by completing a simple table corresponding to each phase. SRM designs can consist of windings only or a combination of PM & windings.

Using SRM’s built in schematic capture the designer describes the inverter topology and control signals. The designer has complete control of the inverter control signals and can see the effects of varying the control signals in the output waveform plots.  The design can be solved using the steady state or time stepping transient solvers and full parameterized output is provided without any additional processing. Output parameters include machine inductances, currents, voltages, torque, as well as flux density and demagnetization plots. Time domain waveforms and their associated harmonic content are all presented.

SRM is easy to use and can help promote the understanding of the operating principles of such machines.

  • Well maintained library of parametrized geometries
  • Ability for users to add their own parametrized geometry
  • Full simulation of the power level drive electronics along with the machine
  • Time domain waveforms and harmonic content
  • Comprehensive motor parameter reporting for any load condition
  • Eddy current analysis
  • Magnetic based force and noise parameters prediction
  • What-if analysis by performing parametric sweeps using the Batch solver

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