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Efficient, Induction Motor Design Tool


INDU is an efficient induction motor design environment capable of simulating the entire torque speed characteristic.

Incorporating both a magnetic circuit based T-equivalent and a transient time stepping direct solver INDU can accurately predict motor performance and parameters. The transient time stepping solver includes the motor systems inertia and electric supply so that all effects, including electrical & mechanical, are part of the solution. The solver has proven accurate on designs incorporating normal mains frequency as well as high frequency designs used in aerospace and ship based situations. INDU is also capable of simulating designs that vary in aspect ratio from very short to very long. The notoriously difficult to analyze single phase induction motor is also handled easily within INDU.

The design process begins by choosing from a large library of parameterized slot modules including double bar and inside-out designs. Once the geometry is set, materials are selected and windings are added by completing a simple table. Using INDU’s built in schematic capture, the designer next describes the inverter or excitation circuitry. Operation of the entire design including motor and electronics is then simulated using one of three solver methods. Motor performance and full parameterized output is provided without any additional processing. Output data include the waveform and harmonic content of the machine currents, inductances, voltages, torques as well as flux density and iron loss. INDU analysis is carried out in the abc frame of reference, however, results are presented in the ABC and DQ reference frame to allow the designer to interface with control algorithms and drive logic programs.

  • Large well maintained library of parametrized geometries
  • Ability for use to add their own parametrized geometry
  • Full simulation of the power level drive electronics along with the machine
  • Analysis of single phase capacitor run/start designs
  • T-equivalent and transient time stepping solvers included
  • Time domain waveforms and harmonic content
  • Comprehensive motor parameter reporting for any load condition
  • Ability to handle rotor or stator skewing
  • Eddy current analysis
  • Magnetic based force noise parameters prediction
  • What-if analysis by performing parametric sweeps using the Batch solver

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