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Simulation Technology for Rotating Electric Machines

A specialized electric machine simulator conceived and developed by machine designers

Software developed

by and for electric

machine designers

Our engineers are first and foremost electric machine focused with a passion for numerical simulation.

We only work on rotating machine problems and our roots are from an industrial perspective and we know that a successful design must bring together performance, manufacturability and economics. MagneForce’s dedicated all-encompassing simulator has many advantages over general purpose magnetic solvers and general purpose multi-physics approaches.

Output parameters in the terms necessary for motor engineers. MagneForce’s standard output are the lumped motor parameters and time domain waveforms that motor engineers need. Magnetic results are present but that is not where the analysis ends.

User Friendly

Easy to use inputs are in the ‘language’ of motor engineers

Fast Solutions

Sophisticated algorithms that determine symmetry and solve the smallest possible part of the machine, leading to faster solutions

Template Library

Geometry templates provide a quick way to get started

Finite Element Analysis

FEA and time domain solvers turned and optimized for electric machine problems

Motor & Electronics

Motor and drive electronics are combined and solved simultaneously, no need for additional simulation steps or software

PM, Lamination & Wire Gauge

Well maintained, tested and continuously updated material databases are included




are all


Steady state, transient, linked solver and Batch are all supported by the same geometry modeler, material databases, winding and circuit description panels, results format and field explorer.

Once the model is described, various and ever increasingly sophisticated solvers can be employed to analyze the design. There is no need to re-build the model each time.

The software architecture is set up so that analyzing the design with different parameters such as materials, magnets, windings, or lamination geometries is very easy. ‘What-if’ analysis is accomplished speedily and efficiently either manually or automatically with the Batch mode solver.

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Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions about MagneForce Software Systems Inc.

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