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Synchronous Generator Design Tool


Results are obtained in hours, not days or weeks. This is possible due, in part, to MagneForce’s large machine geometry library, a resource containing permanent magnet, wound field and inside-out designs.

GenAC can even handle 2 machines on a single shaft as with an exciter/generator pair. Each parametrized model can also be modified using the built-in flexible geometry modeler. Users can also create their own parameterized models or input from their mechanical CAD package. GenAC’s users benefit greatly from a comprehensive approach to simulation, the result is a quick learning curve where users reach and maintain software proficiency with much less effort.

GenAC primary solver utilizes an iterative approach in which machine magnetic fields are calculated using FEA techniques. These results are used to calculate winding currents in a time domain circuit model of the machine and its load. The process continues until convergence is achieved. Popular machine loads are pre-defined for quick input or can be drawn as desired within GenAC’s circuit simulation tab.

  • All machine and load voltages and currents (time domain waveform and harmonic content)
  • Loss separation table and iron loss data
  • Flux and current density distribution plots
  • Demagnetization prediction
  • Efficiency, power factor under load, no-load or transient conditions
  • Simulates both wound file and PMG designs
  • Exciter/generator pair on a single shaft solved within 1 project
  • Built-in library of parameterized geometry models and/or create your own
  • Automatic pre-processing recognizing design symmetries that can save solution time
  • Comprehensive output including machine parameters and time domain waveforms
  • Pre-defined circuit loads for rectified, network or micro-grid loads or customize your exact load circuit and conditions
  • Transient and steady state machine response and parameters are standard output
  • Ability to analyze machine operating under fault or non-symmetric conditions
  • Magnetic based force and noise parameters prediction
  • Eddy current loss estimation in PM material and other conducting regions
  • What-if analysis by performing parametric sweeps using the Batch solver

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