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Batch Mode

Parametric Sweeping Solver


MagneForce Batch solver is an addition to any of the standard simulators (GenAC, BLDC, BCPM, INDU and SRM).

Batch allows the user to identify a single parameter or multiple parameters within a design and to vary each parameter, either discreetly, or over a range. Batch will compute all combinations of all parameters and solve each case, either sequentially, or in parallel. An output table is then created with the parameters of interest in order to judge the best candidates for further study. Intelligent pre-solving within the batch set allows Batch to recognize parameter combinations, which are physically invalid or combinations that have been solved previously in order to save solution time. Batch is easy to use and in the hands of an advanced user can be a great asset as part of an optimization regimen.

  • Mulit-Processor, Multi-Core simultaneous solutions, multiple cases solved concurrently
  • Intelligent pre-solving to recognize invalid designs
  • Stores history of previous runs to eliminate re-solving
  • Allows overnight solutions so designer can focus on optimization

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